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Welcome to the Periodic Fevers website. is here to support people affected by a rare autoinflammatory disease, such as CAPS, SJIA, FMF, TRAPS or HIDS/MKD. This website contains a wealth of information for you, including:

  • ‘The Science’: an area dedicated to explaining the immune system and autoinflammatory diseases; what they are, how common they are, the symptoms, what happens over the course of the illness, and the causes
  • ‘Lifestyle’: an area where you can browse articles that will support you every step of the way when living with, or caring for someone with, an autoinflammatory condition; in family life, work life, your personal life, and navigating a child’s education
  • ‘Links and Resources: an area providing you with links and downloads to additional sources of information and support
  • ‘Kids' Corner’: an area dedicated to young people, where you can read stories from two children who live with an autoinflammatory condition and describe how they cope and still have fun!

Take a look around. We hope you find what you are looking for!

A minute change in DNA can have big impact

Here’s our current understanding of the science behind the tiny DNA change(s) that lead to rare periodic fevers.

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The Science
Tim’s Story

A story about a young boy with an autoinflammatory illness

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Kids' Corner
RareConnect: Connecting rare disease patients globally

External website community connecting rare disease patients globally.

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If you have a child with an autoinflammatory disease…

…you will know there are added pressures and considerations for your family life. Thankfully, you’re not alone.

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Paula's Story

A story about a teenage girl with an autoinflammatory disease managing school, friends and daily life.

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Kids' Corner
Learn more about HIDS/MKD (hyperimmunoglobulinemia D syndrome/mevalonate kinase deficiency)

HIDS/MKD is a rare autoinflammatory disease, and one of the periodic fever syndromes that presents in early childhood.

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The Science